How To Use uTorrent | Download Files Quickly and Easily with uTorrent

How To Use uTorrent: By hearing the word Torrent you would probably think of piracy, but technology can used perfectly legally to share open source, public domain and copyright free movies, software, books, music, podcasts and much more. It is also gaining traction as a legitimate way for artists to distribute their work, many multi national companies have chosen to use torrents to distribute content legally. The key benefit of using torrents is that the file you want can be downloaded from several locations at the same time, speeding things up dramatically.

How To Use uTorrent

If you want to download in this way, you’ll need a torrent client. Here, on this we will show you how to use one of the best uTorrent (also known as µTorrent). So now we from FileHippo have updated all the particulars regarding How To Use uTorrent. Through this way you can download files quickly and easily. You can even bookmark our official page FileHippo for more interesting updates on How To Use uTorrent.

How To Use uTorrent – Download Files Quickly and Easily with uTorrent

How To Use uTorrent

First of all we need to understand what uTorrent is. uTorrent is a file or a Micro-Torrent that helps you, the user, download stuff like documents, pictures, videos, or e-books. uTorrent is very, very, useful when you know how to do it. So we hope that the below FileHippoo article helps you in some on How To Use uTorrent. uTorrent is free to download and use.

Steps on How To Use uTorrent

  • Get uTorrent

The first thing you will need to do is to grab uTorrent, which is completely free to download and use. Double-click the executable file to start the installation and click ‘Next’ on the following two screens. Click ‘I agree’ after reading the license agreement, then click ‘Next’.

How To Use uTorrent

You should leave the option to create a firewall rule checked, then decide whether to have uTorrent run at startup before clicking ‘Next’. uTorrent’s installer include adware, so click ‘Decline offer’ to avoid installing it, and repeat for any other offers that appear. Click ‘Finish’ to complete the process.

  • Find a Source

How To Use uTorrent

Now you need to find a source of torrents. There are lot of legal options, such as The Internet Archive, where you’ll find an extensive collection of music, software, TV shows, movies, books and more, all available free and legally. You don’t have to download all the files in a torrent; pick and choose the ones you want and decide where they should be saved

  • Select your Files

How To Use uTorrent

Torrent files are tiny, so it will be downloaded almost instantly. Double click it and uTorrent will open showing you the files that are associated with the torrent. You can only download which your are interested in. Use the option to the left of the window to choose where the files should be saved, add a label if you feel this would be helpful, and then click the ‘OK’ button. uTorrent presents you with a wealth of information about the files it’s downloading, including – crucially – the time remaining until each one is complete

  • Prioritize Downloads

How To Use uTorrent

If you’re downloading two or more torrents at the same time, you may want to decide which is downloaded first. The quickest way to do this is to switch to the main uTorrent window, select the torrent you want to prioritize in the right-hand side of the window, and click the up arrow to move it up the list. Conversely, you can use the down arrow button to move a particular download down the list.

  • Seed the File

Using torrents to download files is a form of peer-to-peer (or P2P) networking, which means that everyone downloading particular files shares the burden of responsibility. Once a download is complete, it’s good etiquette to leave the torrent running so other can continue to download from you. This is known as seeding. Afterwards you can remove it by selecting ‘Remove and delete .torrent’.

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